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Nur-Ul-Islam Ontario (Barrie Mosque)

155 Ferris Lane, Barrie,Ontario,Canada, L4M 1Z3, L4M 1Z3, Outside the GTA, ON

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155 Ferris Lane, Barrie,Ontario,Canada, L4M 1Z3, L4M 1Z3, Outside the GTA, ON
Management: Barrie Mosque aka as Noor-ul-Islam Ontario is managed by a 9 member Board of Management over seen by a 5 member Board of Trustees all of whom are volunteers and elected as guided by the constitution

History: Noor-ul-Islam Ontario, Islamic Association of Simcoe County aka as Barrie Mosque was formed on October 14th 1977 and is a registered charitable organization in Canada (registration number 0527572-39-13). The association brought together Muslims from all over the world predominantly living in Simcoe County. The primary aim of the Association has been to create conditions conducive to the growth of Islam, to provide Islamic education and to organize religious and community activities.

On the 30th of June 1989, Noor-ul-Islam of Ontario purchased a house on Little Lake Drive, Barrie, Ontario. The location was not adequate for the plans and future growth of the community. It was a long cherish dream for the Muslims of the area to have a Mosque that could service the needs of the community. Alhamdulilah on June 21 2004 Allah (SWT) honored Barrie and the surrounding area with the first Mosque at 155 Ferris Lane. The building comprises two floors, on the top floor is a main hall for prayers, a separate prayer place for females, lower floor has rooms for various community activities, kitchen and large activity area and washrooms. In the new location InshaAllah we will be able to widen our activities to many people including Non-Muslims who are not familiar with the Message of Islam.

noor ul islam

First Friday Prayer (Daylight Saving) : 1:20 pm

Ramadan and Eid Information
Ramadan/Eid Determination Method: Global Moon Sighting

Ramadan Starts on: 28th June, 2014

Taraweeh Prayer Start Times:: after Isha

Eid Al Fitr Prayer Information
Eid Al Fitr Prayer ;

First Prayer: 7:30 am

Eid Al Adha Prayer Information
Eid Al-Adha Prayer ;

First Prayer: 8:00 am

Khateeb Name: Imam mateen /english

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Nur-Ul-Islam Ontario (Barrie Mosque)

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